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Cape Cod Chesapeakes are now expecting pups with our Shiloh of Sandy Neck sometime in mid October. Pups will be ready to go before Christmas!

Please contact us for more information.



We visited the Stellas in Aug. 2011 and shared with them the kind of Chessie we wanted (family companion). The litter was born in Sept. and we picked up Bailey in Nov. He is six months old now and he is our dream dog. He is a show quality family dog. Our previous chessie was no where near the caliber of this one. The difference between dogs and breeders is dramatic.
The Stellas know what they are doing and do it well!


Lori and I would first like to thank Eric and Michelle for the wonderful opportunity of owning one of their wonderful pups. Harley Rose is doing very well and an absolute joy to our friends, family, and enjoyed by all her canine friends. She is enrolled in obedience class and doing well. She is retrieving at this time. We can't wait to get her out there next hunting season! Even though we have owned a Chesapeake previously, we are still amazed at how intelligent this breed really is. Again, thank you and exellent job!


We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to have Maggie (magoo 2/17/09) enter our lives.
She is a joy. She greets us each day with that great big smile and chatter. She is great with our family and friends. Enjoys her summers in Maine and is the talk of the lake. As she spends her time swimming with the children, jumping off the dock, and retrieving at all hours. She greets all guests with her great big smile but more importantly, her ball for them to through into to lake. (which they are unaware of her endurance and ability to follow commands) For the hunters out there Maggie is a natural, we sometimes feels she is missing
her calling.
I cannot thank Eric enough for giving this previous lab owner the opportunity to fall in love with chessie breed.


So in love with our baby chessie Sailor Moon!We picked her up Nov.5th 2011..and she is so sweet! Def a "chessie"! Has her moments, but shes a cuddly, sweet dog too!!! The Stellas were wonderful to us, and they have bred wonderful dogs..such a good mix of sweetness And strong smart pups!!We couldnt be happier!!!Thank you, Eric and Michele!!!


Since arriving to the shores of Lake Ontario, Chelsea has been a hit and star amongst the residents of the �Beach� community in Toronto. Chelsea is socializing well amongst the various dogs in the neighbourhood. She is already well trained, likes playing and attempting to swim in Lake Ontario. As a result, I do not hesitate in recommending Cape Cod Chesapeakes as a quality breeder.


We bought our Chesapeake Bay Retreiver from the Stella's and we are very happy we did (this will be our 3rd Chessie). We contacted them (referred by Joanne at Silvercreek Chesapeakes)before the litter arrived (2/17/09). We just new from talking to them we would get a great dog. Our kids were so excited to receive email updates and pics of the pups. We also visited their home twice to meet and play with them. We picked her up on 4/16/09. She (Feebee) is a wonderful Chessie. She is even-tempered, a love, loyal, smart, smiler, talker.... all there is to love about the breed.. We are all very happy!!


We were pleased to get our Chessie puppy from you last July, 2011. We brought Chelgren home to join our family; two young boys, two labs, a springer spaniel, and two cats. Chelgren joined right in with the fun, with her happy temperament and gleeful personality. She plays very well with the boys and all their friends, serving as the ball retriever, evil villain, or trusty sidekick. She sleeps with the boys - or rather on the boys - and spends the time they are at school playing with her canine sisters. She does very well with the cats, has been a quick learner of obedience, and is a healthy, growing dog. We are so glad she joined our family, and are grateful to Cape Cod Chesapeakes for breeding such a gem.



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